From the recording El Mundo Is The World

Música de Carlos Gardel, Letra de Alfredo Le Pera
Music by Carlos Gardel, Lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera
Versión en inglés / English version by Débora Simcovich
English version by Débora Simcovich
Grabado por / Recorded by Orquesta Victoria
Voz / Vocal: Mariana Quinteros
Arreglos / Arrangements: Florencio Varela
Del álbum / From the album “El Mundo is The World”
© 2015 Villa Crespo Productions,
todos los derechos reservados / all rights reserved


Your dreamy-like caresses,
the softness, the sweetness
of your tender sighs,
bring a world that is smiling
when black pearls are shining
from deep in your eyes...
and if it's mine the blessing
of your lovely laughter
that sings to the stars...
it's so soothing, so healing,
I'll forget all my wounds, so far

The day that you may love me,
the roses that you fancy
will open up and blossom
to color our delight,
and bells will all be sounding
that you're my glorious darling
and birds will all be chanting
upon our passing by...

La noche que me quieras
desde el azul del cielo
las estrellas celosas
nos mirarán pasar
y un rayo misterioso
hará nido en tu pelo
luciérnaga curiosa
te dirán
que eres mi consuelo...

and a mysterious sun ray
illuminating our way
will dissipate the darkness
and the world will become
all kindness!