From the recording El Mundo Is The World

Música de Carlos Gardel, Letra de Alfredo Le Pera
Music by Carlos Gardel, Lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera
Versión en inglés / English version by Débora Simcovich
English version by Débora Simcovich
Grabado por / Recorded by Orquesta Victoria
Voz / Vocal: Mariana Quinteros
Arreglos / Arrangements: Alejandro Drago
Del álbum / From the album “El Mundo is The World”
© 2015 Villa Crespo Productions,
todos los derechos reservados / all rights reserved


I lost at the races,
my colt, noble creature,
by a head she loses
in the final stretch!
And upon return
seemed to wink and say:
don't forget, my brother,
the next time you shouldn't bet!

Under that illusion
I lost rhyme and reason!
For a day she played me
her deceiving game.
As she faked her passion
that turned out to be her treason
she tore into pieces
all my love and care!

I lost at the races,
got caught in the madness,
your kisses of fire
calm my bitter feelings,
and erase my sadness!
My colt didn't make it
and now she might leave me!
Who cares if one loses,
when your life's in shambles
there's no point to life!

All these disappointments
on account of gambling.
A thousand times I promised
I won't come again!
But your passing glance
is piercing my heart
and your lips of fire
I will crave before I die.

I should quit the racetracks,
stop this senseless gambling,
"neck to neck" an ending
I’ll withstand no more!
But if I get word
of the one race
that's fixed this Sunday…
I'II bet my belongings,
my entire soul!

Por una cabeza
todas las locuras,
su boca que besa
borra la tristeza
calma la amargura…

Por una cabeza
si ella me olvida
qué importa perderme,
mil veces la vida,
para que vivir.