From the recording El Mundo Is The World

Letra y música / Music and lyrics: Débora Simcovich
Grabado por / Recorded by Orquesta Victoria
Voz / Vocal: Mariana Quinteros
Arreglos / Arrangements: Hernán Cuadrado
Del álbum / From the album “El Mundo is The World”
© 2015 Villa Crespo Productions,
todos los derechos reservados / all rights reserved


I wanna tango with you
when the lights go down,
tango with you,
let's go into town.
I wanna walk together
hand in hand
until we find a club
where we can sway around…

I wanna tango with you,
wear my silky gown,
tango with you,
won't you take me now?
I wanna float like feathers
to the melody
in a shiny hall, Art Deco style…

I wanna swing forever
in your arms
across the dance floor tonight
and every night…
I wanna tango with you
when the lights go down!