From the recording El Mundo Is The World

Letra y música / Music and lyrics: Débora Simcovich
Grabado por / Recorded by Orquesta Victoria
Voz / Vocal: Mariana Quinteros
Arreglos / Arrangements: Alejandro Drago
Del álbum / From the album “El Mundo is The World”
© 2015 Villa Crespo Productions,
todos los derechos reservados / all rights reserved


Every time you leave
it happens again,
your spirit surrounds
while stealing my sighs and kisses.
Melodies in blue
spin their jasmine swing,
the breeze keeps returning
your scent back to me…

Every time you leave
it happens again
the sky shines reflections
that mirror your smile, your gleaming
Softer than sunrise
resting on my arms
remains all the glowing
of your lovely eyes.

In every corner I hear you.
it's your imprint I remember,
it is your presence I'm feeling
so clearly next to me.

'Cause of that magic
you will not ever leave me
'cause of that magic
you will stay in me.
Because your name
is like a flower that's blooming
and all your words
sound like a song in me…

Because that magic made things brighter
in the gray world I lived in…
Because your eyes so filled with magic
make my life so sweet
you'll never leave me, even leaving
'cause you'll stay with me!