From the recording El Mundo Is The World

Letra y música / Music and lyrics: Débora Simcovich
Grabado por / Recorded by Orquesta Victoria
Voz / Vocal: Mariana Quinteros
Arreglos / Arrangements: Alejandro Drago
Del álbum / From the album “El Mundo is The World”
© 2015 Villa Crespo Productions,
todos los derechos reservados / all rights reserved


You suddenly left me,
you took your belongings,
no matter that I had in you
all my hopes!
I had you so briefly
but time was against us,
why didn't you come
to my life before?

It was total madness,
we both fabricated
mirages and mirrors,
delusions and lies,
it was not meant to be,
it was the wrong time!
A river of salt was
our yesterday's love.

All I know is you're gone
and the world no longer
spins around,
all I know is you're gone
and my dreams got trampled
to the ground
and my life goes away
and I feel like I'll forever die
(all I know is you're gone)
what I’ll do without you
how can I say goodbye!

Sólo sé que no estas
y la luz del sol me empieza a herir,
porque vos ya no estás
y la calle se envolvió de gris.
Y la vida se va
sin que sepa para dónde ir,
sólo sé que no estás
y me siento morir.